Life with No Sense of Smell

Updated as of 3/23/12

When you have no sense of smell people ask you a lot of questions and make a lot of comments.

Starting now those questions/comments will be documented. (Wish I had started this years ago.)

  1. You can’t smell popcorn?
  2. Can you taste?
  3. Walk out here, you will be able to smell this. (Nope…still can’t.)
  4. You can’t smell flowers?
  5. Smell this…..oh yeah….sorry. (It’s ok, sometimes I just pretend to smell it to avoid this.)
  6. You’re an %*^#*^$^$ liar. (one of my favorite reactions)
  7. What does this smell like? (umm…just told you, I don’t have that ability….but…roses, right?)
  8. It smell’s in here…..not that you would know.
  9. You can’t smell your wife’s hair?
  10. Did you get kicked in the head as a child? (maybe….don’t remember….)
  11. Can you taste? (this should be on here every other comment.)
  12. You will be changing all the diapers. (My wife to me for when we have children.)
  13. Can’t you smell that trash? (Nope.) Clean that out.
  14. I am going to wait until it smells so bad even you can smell it.
  15. What? You can’t smell ever?
  16. Yes you can.
  17. (Walks into my office.) “It smells so…oh you can’t smell. ” (Walks away.)

More to come…

I tried to get advice from an expert on my lack of sense here. Go check it out.


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