Stuff Bev Says

Hello and Welcome. Today we are looking back at #StuffBevSays which are things one of my coworkers says when she just walks up to my door. She stands there and shares info with me regardless of what is going on. Also she randomly brings me paperclips…just happened.

Anyway, here we go!

(If you are reading on a feed reader the tweets didn’t embed, please click to see them.)!/realjoeknight/status/131759353689681920!/realjoeknight/status/131443388787597312!/realjoeknight/status/131015348148371458!/realjoeknight/status/116529155729915904!/realjoeknight/status/113675629915938816!/realjoeknight/status/105732297139044352!/realjoeknight/status/103484175398608896!/realjoeknight/status/98121590239268865

What is your favorite thing Bev has said?