Spam Comments

While my blog is still young and at the stage of learning to crawl, I have been getting some great comments from readers. Some of the best comments sadly/happily, not sure which, have come in as a meat product made by Hormel.

Here are four of my favorites I have received.

Elektrische Zahnbuerste comments:

“Water-resistant our wales in advance of when numerous planking. The particular wales surely are a selection of heavy duty snowboards that this height ones would be the same in principle as a new shell planking having said that with a lot much more height to help you thrust outward in the evening planking. planking.”

Elektrische is quite the plankster.

Julius Manton comments:

“Some really marvelous work on behalf of the owner of this site, utterly outstanding content material “

Thanks Julius. Means a lot.

Jesus Donovan from casevlud comments:

“160 the solution to avoid such situation is to look for a reliable cleaning lady a competent in field will obviously bring the house back to order.”

Obviously. (Also, got the exact same comment, just earlier today, from Michael from casevlud, must be big deal in those parts.)

Raquel Trent comments:

Be chronically ill . . . and beg for donations, which grow fewer and fewer as time goes on. I don?t really recommend this one.

Thanks for the advice you don’t recommend.

If you blog, what are some of your favorite spam comments you have received or seen? I am chronically ill, and I am begging for donations in the form of comments. (Thanks for the advice Raquel.)

Have a great weekend?