Why America?

I heard that the premiere of Two and a half Men had 28 millions viewers! Which I find is ridiculous…out of those 28 millions I would assume I knew at least one, but no one I know watches that show. How are there so many people out there watching this trash? (It may be due to my new arch nemesis Ashton Kutcher joining the show….well played Ashton, you win this round.) But in reality I find it sad that the show gets 28 millions viewers with how terrible it is. My favorite show Parks and Recreation apparently only gets 6 millions viewers (source Wikipedia, the only place with real facts!).

Knowing these statistics I have just one question.


Why does such a terrible show get those kinds of ratings. I heard it is up there with an American Idol premiere in terms on ratings…..HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!?!? (Lots of yelling today, or maybe my music is too loud, so I feel I have to shout.)

I saw that lots of CBS shows get high ratings….to which I wonder again, how come I do not know a single one their viewers?

Anyway, let’s change the course here and talk about how excited I am for the season premiere of Parks and Rec tomorrow night.

What a great cast.

I am excited to see where the show goes this season. If you do not watch the show, you should. It is hilariously funny, each character brings their own uniqueness to the show and they mesh very well together. Every show usually has a character or a few that brings it down….not Parks and Rec, even their seldom used characters add to the show.

The only negative might be with so many characters they, the less Andy Dwyer fun there is. Andy started the show with two broken legs falling into “the pit” which Leslie (Amy Poehler) made her goal to fill in in season one of the show.

We are about to start season four of Parks and Rec, and I hope it continues for many seasons hereafter as long as they keep up with their comedic gold they have been handing out.

I would hope you might check out Parks and Rec tomorrow night and every week from until it is over.

I leave you with Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness he shared with us when he was coaching a children’s basketball team, which I will use in my coaching opportunities from here on out.


Quick Thoughts

  • Parks and Rec season 2 is ready for me at the library. Such a great show, each character is so unique and adds value to the show.
  • Why is there so much candy in this office I work at, I can only hold off the temptation so long?
  • Ben Rector’s new album came out today. I have yet to hear it, but I bet it will be a gift to my ears when I do.
  • Going back to thought 2. Snickers Peanut Butter is really good.
  • First week of Fantasy Football is over. I won in both my leagues…..but do no expect much out of either team this season.
  • I like to think like that about Fantasy Football. I have no real control over how my teams perform. I can just hope.
  • Just got free pizza for lunch. Out of the blue. That makes for a good day.
  • And for some reason I am having another Snickers Peanut Butter.
  • Google Reader is great. I don’t have to check multiple sites anymore, just go see who has updated with my Google Reader. (Thanks Mim…even though I kind of trash talked it at the beginning.)
  • Speaking of Google Reader, I will leave you with this gem from Awkward Family photos, which was a great subscription choice for myself.