Quick Thoughts

  • Happy Monday.
  • We should change Sunday fun day to Monday, then maybe Monday wouldn’t be as bad.
  • I made homemade pancakes last night for Miriam and I. They were ok, thought about making a new hashtag #TweetWhatYouEat.
  • Ate too fast to get a picture, then thought about a hashtag of #TweetWhatYouExcrete
  • You can probably guess why I didn’t do that one.
  • We had a Christmas celebration at church on Saturday, it was lots of fun. Miriam dominated some fun stuff for kids to do and good times were had by all.
  • Wearing my new contacts today. I am still upset with whoever decided to quick manufacturing the brand I have had since 7th grade. Those were such a good fit. Now it is blurry town for me on occasion.
  • But hey, at least now I have an excuse for my bad spelling and grammar.
  • It is 8:15 here and still dark outside, I want light! Let there be light!
  • Also odd, the snow is melting off the ground here…..very strange.
  • A little over a week before we head home for Christmas. I am excited to get a full week at home, which means lot s of time to see friends and family.
  • Mizzou basketball is fun to watch. Period. Exclamation Point!
  • It is time for me to open up some excel spreadsheets and find some matching names. Sounds fun doesn’t it?
  • I always have a hard time each year making a Christmas list. I never really know what I want or something I need is too big to ask for.


What do you want for Christmas?


Monday Morning Musings

  • It’s Monday…..yay?
  • Mizzou to the SEC is finally official. I am conflicted about it all. I am still not 100% sure how I feel about it. While I am excited for the new things to come. I will miss the tradition of being one of the founding members of the big 12(8)(6).
  • I think the reason I am annoyed about the conference move is because it is all about football. The SEC doesn’t have wrestling…..so where will the MU wrestling team compete?
  • Kansas is trying to cry and say they won the over 100 year rivalry. Ummm….they are the ones declining to continue playing us at the moment.
  • And their administration tweeted a pretty petty thing about Mizzou running away….that was was quite sad it came from there officials. Much like the State of Kansas….sad, petty, and boring.
  • Mizzou plays their last exhibition basketball game against Central Missouri tonight. I am so thankful for ESPN3.com while we are so far away. I get to catch most games.
  • Central Missouri’s head coach is Kim Anderson, a guy a lot of people wanted us to hire this past off season. Will be interesting to see the reaction he gets from the crowd tonight.
  • Lets move on from Mizzou related stuff shall we.
  • I am currently highlighting two different reports at the front desk….thrilling stuff.
  • Today is my Dad’s birthday. I gotta remember to give him a call.
  • There is a guy in our parking lot that has been sitting in his car since 20 minutes before our office opened up. It is causing quite the stir this morning.
  • Luckily I am the front desk person in case he is crazy and comes in……wait a minute.
  • Maybe I should call my arch nemesis up to cover the desk while I “take a break” until he comes in.
  • “How may I direct your call” -what I will be saying a lot this morning.
  • We went to breakfast with our small group before church yesterday. I had biscuits and gravy. I am soon giving up hope of finding B’s & G’s like I can get at home.
  • Alright, I better focus in on work. (Guy is still in his car in the parking lot.)

>Monday Musings-Back In My Day

>Time for a new section of the blog, remember this blog is mainly just to keep myself entertained, but here we go, the first edition of “Monday Musings”.

I recently decided I dislike the phrase “back in my day”. If you say “back in my day”, you are saying your best days are behind you. How can you be so sure? Maybe your best days are yet to come. If you are alive and breathing, today is your day. Saying “back in my day” is telling people you are starting to give up. Embrace your today.

Also…here is a pic of the real Andy! What???