Quick Thoughts

  • Lots of great musicians releasing new albums lately. Ben Rector last week, and now Gungor and NeedtoBreathe this week. Not enough music budget for me right now.
  • Knox Mccoy didn’t give us our Monday Morning Meatloaf today….could make for a long week without it.
  • Mizzou plays at Oklahoma this week. I feel like Mizzou really got the short end of the stick with this one year of scheduling we will have in the Big 12 minus 2 minus 1.
  • With Pitt and Syracuse gone to the ACC, The Big 12 should go after TCU, Louisville, and Cincinatti to replace nebraska, Colorado, and A&M. Would make sense geographically and 3 decent teams in football, and 2 in basketball. Too bad this realignment has nothing to do with geography and rivalries though. And too bad the Big 12 is done for for realz now. See ya Texas, OU, Okie St, and Tech apparently.
  • I need to get my mom on the internet so I can double my amount of blog readers. (Shout out to my wife, Miriam for being my avid reader!!!)
  • Gonna be a busy week work wise. Got lots of two job days this week, hopefully I stay sane, and keep up with the dishes, my arch nemesis.
  • I asked Tyler Tarver who should be my new arch nemesis as I was in need of one. He went with Ashton Kutcher and girls sticking their tongues out in photos. Kutcher I can make happen. But dirty dishes might beat out girls sticking their tongues out for now.
  • Ashton Kutcher could be a great arch nemesis, but he might be making it too easy for me with his recent look (see below) and joining bad sitcoms.
  • We are gonna make our 1st chili of the season this week. Kind of excited about it.
  • Also not too excited because it means it snows soon here. We have had a couple overnights with frost already.
  • I am gonna try to make Seen Now Shared a weekly post on Thursday’s. Could be hard when I find some good stuff. I already have enough for this week.
  • Speaking of posts, trying to think of more stuff with good content to distract myself with. I just love quick posts too much…like this one.
Kutcher!!!! At least make it difficult for me.

Life in Retail

I work part time in a retail store. Luckily I do not work in clothes or something, I work in the meat department. Here are some things I have encountered/learned in my adventures.

Working in retail I have learned you are never doing just one thing. You have to be ready for all sorts of things, for instance, the last time I worked I was scheduled for the meat department, but saw time cashiering, working in the pharmacy, helping produce, working frozen food for grocery, and pushing carts in from outside, all while making 2 bales in a five hour shift. A 5 hour shift where I could have easily left early by finishing my area early too.

Anyway, feels like too much talking myself up….that is not what this is about. This is about encounters like Knox Mccoy mentioned here. (I really loved his blog post about the human grenades you encounter at the grocery store, because of how true it is. I encourage you to go check it out if you have not already.)

One of my favorite encounters that I get all the time while working goes something like this:

Me: Can I help you find anything?
Customer: Yes
Me:(waiting for them to ask about a product they can’t find.)
Customer: (either walking away or looking at me strangely.)
Me: (walking away realizing they didn’t listen to what I said and will just reply “yes” no matter what I say.)

After having this encounter most every time I work, my new plan is to start asking randomness. My next shot will be “Can I help you buy me something?” That way when they say “yes”, I will quickly throw some Filet Mignons in their cart for a delicious steak dinner for myself and my wife.

Alright, that is part of my life spent in retail for now. Please feel free to stop by and see me when I work so I can talk you into buying something…if I made commission I would have like $2.53 or something by now…