Five Under the Radar Christmas Season Happenings

1. Egg Nog

Ok, so Egg Nog might not be very under the radar or very tasty for that matter, but it is a great part of Christmas time. It is so great that I know a family who does an Egg Nog dance each year when they 1st see it in stores. Egg Nog truly tells us it is Christmas Time.

2. Boxing Day

….Canada…..I am still not sure what Boxing day is, I just like to try to box people the day after Christmas, and yes that includes boxing as in punching and boxing as in putting a box on someone’s head and proclaiming “You Got Boxed! Happy Boxing Day!”

3.Changing the word “Holiday” into “Holidates” on the calendar

Someone put new Season’s Greetings calendars on all our desks at work. Each month has messages on it and each message seems to say “holidates” every other word.

4. Peanut Brittle

Ok, peanut brittle is not as cool as it once way, but I just had Cashew Brittle for the first time and it is quite good, earning it a spot on this list.

5. Free Food

Probably one of my favorite parts of Christmas, but greatly goes unnoticed a lot of the time. Stores give you more free samples or even free breakfast to get you in their doors. Working in an office we get candy sent to us daily from companies and it is awesome.

What other things fly under the radar during Christmas that deserve  a shout out?