Seen Now Shared LIII

Never leave the playground (if you check one thing, make it this. Long video but worth it. This guy is awesome.)

Bic’s Her Pen loses to the internet

Water Wigs

Man fights off shark during attack


What Mount Rushmore was going to look like before funding got cut.



Seen Now Shared LII

Welcome to the one year anniversary of Seen Now Shared. I have made it 52 consecutive weeks sharing random and slightly humorous things on the interwebs each Thursday.

I quit tweeting about SNS a couple months back as I didn’t feel compelled to do so. I am hoping to start getting some posts with actual words up on this so called blog in the future, that is partly why I quit tweeting about SNS.

If you want to see old, untweeted, Seen Now Shared’s, click here

Otherwise, enjoy Seen Now Shared 52, got some good links and things for you this week.

L.A. restaurant will pay you to not use your phone at dinner

Dog Shaming

Bears are great Burglars (includes photographic evidence)

What would NBA Legends Look Like with Tatoos? (not good….)

Difficult quiz about the backs of Quarters

While you put away your knitting stuff, please remove your headphones as well, they are making me wonder what you are listening to.


Too late to be song of the summer?