First World Improvements: Showers

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Most of us have probably heard of First World Pains/Problems. I bet we have each gone all hash tag on that mess before.

Today I want to start a new topic for your discussing pleasure of First World Improvements.

Let’s start it off with something most of us have tried before, taking a shower.

How can we make taking a shower better?

Five Easy Steps.*

1. Shower Heads

A proper shower head can make any shower better. It is my dream to have a shower with a rain shower installed that allows you to have the pull  out shower handle and streams that flow from all angles like an automatic car wash.

2. A Built in scale

Ever hear the phrase, “you don’t way x amount of pounds dripping wet?” Now is your chance to find out with your built in scale to check up on your weight while you shower: multitasking for the win!

3. Exact water temperature.

Do you sometimes get the perfect water temperature and never want to get out of the shower? Now you can every time! Choose your exact water temperature! No more moving the nozzle around for 10 minutes finding a temperature you can tolerate, now pick your temp and take your time.

4. Shower curtains are disgusting.

One of the worst moments in life is when your body comes into contact with that disgusting shower curtain. It is gross, cold, slimy, and it always seems to randomly jump at you while you are showering. I propose we  get that curtain out of our person bubble and never touch it again. Come on science, fix this!

5. Full body Xcelerator.

Not sure about you, but I purposefully go out of my way to use public restrooms with xcelerators because of their incredible ability to dry my hands. Just think, you finish your shower, hit a button and boom! Full body xcelerator drying you off in about 15 seconds. Bonus points: Save money on towel washing costs.

*5 easy steps that science has probably already invented.

**Bonus statement: feel free to buy me any of the above ways to improve the experience of showering.


What did I miss? How else can we improve showering ? (Let me know in the comments)


4 thoughts on “First World Improvements: Showers

  1. Pop Tart dispensers. That way you can shower, eat breakfast and then xcelerator dry in 5 minutes or less. You could be out the door lickety-split, whatever that means.

  2. I do not like the image that came to mind when thinking of xcelerator body dryers….too much skin flapping already on my hands

    • I had the same thought, but just think how much fun HJ would have just standing there in front of the full body xcelerator. There would be no more need for babysitters.

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