An Open Letter to Mark Driscoll

Dear Mark Driscoll,

Oh, hey Mark, how’s it going? Ok, small talk over.

So, you are a pastor in Seattle? Cool, cool cool.

Guess what, my wife is in Seminary, getting her mDiv? I bet you are super excited to hear that.

Much like you were super excited to tell people God hates them.

Do you grease your hair like that on purpose to look slimy?

If you do somehow see this I bet you quit reading after you saw my wife is in Seminary. You probably want to go all church discipline on me for not being the one in Seminary.

I thought about using an “M” logo in this post, but then I was afraid your church might sue me. I should probably not have put that M in quotation marks as it is probably too similar to your logo…..

In the picture above, who are you trying to choke?

If your goal is to say controversial stuff and then have the internet blow up about it, you are doing a pretty good job. Because you definitely have that going for you.

I will be honest, you say stuff in a convincing and influential way. I just wish you said different stuff, because the way you influence isn’t all too helpful.

I know you think it is because it stirs up so much response to yourself, but really bro, negative responses don’t mean you are doing things right.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to work to support my wife while she attends Seminary.

TTY Later,

Joe, Future Pastor’s Husband

P.S. Why do you yell so much?

P.P.S. Not everything has to be an attempt to cause people to feel shame.


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mark Driscoll

  1. Wow, I was so helped by this post. It helped me see Jesus better and challenged me to love my neighbor more. You should be a professional writer when you grow up. Oh wait you are all grown up cuz you have a wife and a blog.
    Gee thanks.

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