Nerds made Hipsters

Has anyone else noticed that with the increasing population of hipsters you rarely ever see nerds anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging at all as I ponder this situation, I am just giving words to an observation I had recently.

Have you seen this guy lately?

As I notice hipsters around town more and more, I also have noticed that rarely do I see anyone dressed in such a way that you might say they are a nerd.

I am under the belief that nerds knew about this hipster thing before anyone else, they get all the info first with their high IQ’s and super computers. I think nerds created this whole hipster nonsense that is sweeping the nation, that is why it is cool to care about not caring, by caring.

Nerds invented hipsters and made them this whole group of people where they could be the ones others want to be like.

Hipster culture has taken over and the nerds are loving it as they are now cool, but not cool, but cool. Don’t ask them.

Nerds are hipsters. Nerds made hipsters. Nerds are cool.

Too much of a stretch? Way wrong? I know, just over thinking a small thought I had and had some time to write it down.

Used to be nerds? Very possible.

Who do you think started this whole hipster dealio?

Disclaimer: I really like both the nerds and the hipsters as human people.


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