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A Fishy Story

Free Countdowns. Oh, how I loved having a good countdown video for youth services.

Will you be my friend?

Top 10 Reasons why Men shouldn’t be ordained

Random Thoughts While Running 13.1 Miles



Seen Now Shared XXXIII

I read Tyler Tarver’s new book Letters to Famous People this week. It is hi larry us, you should pick it up for yourself. I will give you four different, but equal ways to get it: Paperback, Amazon, PDF (which no one understands what P.D.F. stands for, it is a mystery.), or on Kindle.

Here are some links to enjoy:

30 Awesome Teachers.

Texts From Hillary (sadly the guys who started this tumblr have already shut it down.)

Bruce Weber’s classy message to Illinois fans.



Who still needs a car for prom?



What is the most awkward handshake you have ever seen or been a part of?