Seen Now Shared XXXI

10 Unusual Churches.

Anyone remember Google realtime? Me neither, but this site is much the same.

I am thinking about taking some classes just to get this job at Chipotle.

The future of paying for things.


The impact of the hit must have slowed down the part of his brain that makes you react.



Are you excited for Anchorman 2?


Seen Now Shared 30

Going with numbers over Roman Numerals today, this is not that kind of site.

Being out of town and coming back to work on a Thursday makes for a short seen now shared this week, but some enjoyable stuff fo sho.

Bribing celebrities to do stuff through donating to charity. Charity Bribes

The first 30 tweets ever. (Not as exciting as they sound.) Would probably be better if this site existed then.

For example check out what Steve Carell tweeted about me.

New way to recruit volunteers.

Seen Now Shared XXIX

What constitutes a basketball championship?

March Movie Madness has begun. I am going to need you to head over and vote for Phil Weston. I will give heads up on Twitter when his day has arrived.

Beginners Guide to Ruining a T-Shirt. (I have done much of the things on this list in past youth events.)

Community returns tonight. Terrible timing by NBC with March Madness going on, gonna have to catch that on Hulu.

Price is Wrong.
Big 12 Tourney Champs!

Who have you got winning it all in March Madness? I’ll give you one guess who my National Champ is.