Every Day a Page (Pages 10-15)

Check out pages 1-3 here. Pages 4-9 here.

Here are the highlights from the last few pages.

Page 10

Not a lot, good day of relaxing after work.

Page 11

Worked and watched Mizzou get a tough win at Iowa St.

Page 12

Spontaneous date night with Miriam, always a good choice.

Page 13

Cat themed birthday party for a great friend turning 26! Lots of fun, lots of good treats

Page 14

Had to work early, but came home to watch Mizzou beat Texas, then went out to dinner with some good friends and capped the night off with a movie with sitting by Miriam.

Page 15

Church. Went to Cost Co for the 1st time ever, samples were decent.

I know Mizzou basketball games make the highlights a lot, but I do love some Mizzou b-ball, and it has been quite bittersweet watching these games that may never happen again since we are leaving the Big 12.

What are some highlights from your pages? Let us know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Every Day a Page (Pages 10-15)

  1. I’m not sure there’s anything better than college basketball.

    How do you feel about the move to the SEC? I’m a Mississippi State fan, so our teams are going to see each other a lot.

    • I am excited about the move, but also sad about leaving the Big 12. I really like the history of college sports and Mizzou has shared conferences with the same schools for so long. It is just gonna be strange that we have no real history with anyone in the SEC and no real rivalry.

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