Coffee: yay or nay?

So I am drinking a cup of coffee this morning for the 1st time since who knows when, maybe college, when my boss tried to make me a coffee drinker.

Having this cup of grossness brought the following questions to my mind.

Why do people drink this nasty drink?

How do I hold the mug? (seriously, I have no idea.)

How much sugary stuff do I put in?

Do I look cool with my moose mug I picked out?

Will I become addicted now?

Oh no, this isn’t too bad, will you please quit drinking this?

Anywho, that is how my morning has started out. Are you a coffee drinker? Please answer the following poll. If you are a coffee connoisseur please leave us some tips in the comments. If you can spell connoisseur without having to look it up that is good for you.


3 thoughts on “Coffee: yay or nay?

  1. I only ever drink coffee when I go to write in coffee shops. It’s my most effective writing locale, and as such I’ve helplessly fallen in love with the caffeine-laced stuff. I’ll never buy myself a coffee maker, but if someone ever gives one to me as a gift, I may never sleep again.

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