Small School Traditions and The Bieber

In case you have not heard my wife’s Alma Mater is famous at the moment, if you are me you have heard, a few times, how the Biebs, yes Justin Bieber gave Taylor University a shout out on Twitter recently. Here is an article about the flash mob you can check out if you want, right here. It is such big deal in our house because Olson Hall did the flash mob, and that is my wife’s old stomping grounds.

Taylor has a nice tradition called Silent Night they do each year with their basketball team where they wait until the 10th point to make any noise at all. I have been once and it is weird to me ,a fan of the game of basketball, to not be cheering for anything, but the place goes absolutely crazy once they reach the desired score. It gets loud enough that the game usually needs to be stopped for the moment.

The game goes on as normal for the most part from there on out, barring any flash mobs at half time. Then, at the end of the game everyone in the arena sings Silent Night with each other and most go home happy, regardless of the outcome of the game, which is weird to me to, if your team goes down, it is weird if you are overly happy about it.

Here is the Bieb’s Tweet about it!!/justinbieber/status/146168217293955073

Even after Justin Bieber tweeted it I am surprised it only has 100,000 views. I figured it would reach millions once he gives it a mention.

ESPN has been giving Taylor some love about Silent Night as well recently. Check that out here.

It is a cool tradition that continues to get some love from the media as of late. It made me wonder what other small schools have some fun traditions like it that get no media love.

Did you go to a small school? What traditions does it have?


4 thoughts on “Small School Traditions and The Bieber

  1. That was amazing! Great stuff! I went to Liberty University. The only tradition that I remember is that all the students leave the football at halftime.

    • Rob, did you go to Liberty at the same time as Toby Mac and Tait? I have a friend who did and she was the only white person in the all black edition of Wizard of Oz with Tait, so she is basically famous, much like Taylor University now.

  2. Heard about this “Silent Night” tradition through another one of my followed blogs recently. Love the video clip of it; so cool.

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