Quick Thoughts

  • Happy Monday.
  • We should change Sunday fun day to Monday, then maybe Monday wouldn’t be as bad.
  • I made homemade pancakes last night for Miriam and I. They were ok, thought about making a new hashtag #TweetWhatYouEat.
  • Ate too fast to get a picture, then thought about a hashtag of #TweetWhatYouExcrete
  • You can probably guess why I didn’t do that one.
  • We had a Christmas celebration at church on Saturday, it was lots of fun. Miriam dominated some fun stuff for kids to do and good times were had by all.
  • Wearing my new contacts today. I am still upset with whoever decided to quick manufacturing the brand I have had since 7th grade. Those were such a good fit. Now it is blurry town for me on occasion.
  • But hey, at least now I have an excuse for my bad spelling and grammar.
  • It is 8:15 here and still dark outside, I want light! Let there be light!
  • Also odd, the snow is melting off the ground here…..very strange.
  • A little over a week before we head home for Christmas. I am excited to get a full week at home, which means lot s of time to see friends and family.
  • Mizzou basketball is fun to watch. Period. Exclamation Point!
  • It is time for me to open up some excel spreadsheets and find some matching names. Sounds fun doesn’t it?
  • I always have a hard time each year making a Christmas list. I never really know what I want or something I need is too big to ask for.


What do you want for Christmas?


2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts

    • I think it is in the software section. It takes all your attention for 2 straight weeks to install and then lasts for about a day or two….totally worth it.

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