Quick Thoughts

  • Monday morning…..we meet again.
  • Been battling a cold the last few days….I will literally fight it to the death if needed.
  • Seriously, either I die or these germs die, only way this is gonna end, but hopefully soon, and the germs die, not me.
  • Lots, of, commas, in that, last, thought.
  • Knot sure it were proper grammar either?!
  • Watched “Christmas Vacation” this weekend….what a classic.
  • Our Christmas tree is up and it is fake. Still not 100% sure how I feel about fake trees. It is less work each year, but it is fun to go find one and cut it down yourself.
  • It snowed a lot this weekend here, which means snow emergency in our parking lot tonight and a long walk to the car in the morning for work.
  • Been married for two and half years and I still play with my ring a lot. I cannot leave it alone.
  • LSU and Alabama play each other again for the BCS National Championship. I hope Alabama wins because then what do we do, play another game so we know who the real champion is?
  • Mizzou is in the Independence Bowl going up against North Carolina. Last I remember the UNC football team was in lots of trouble for players getting improper benefits, so I am impressed they are making a bowl.
  • Who knows how long ago that was though, I don’t pay attention to UNC football, except when I took the Duke Head Coaching job on NCAA Football, then I made sure to pound them each season.
  • If you tweet during normal work hours, I will see it…..I might have a Twitter addiction at work.
  • Going back to “Christmas Vacation”, I really enjoy Christmas movies.
  • Christmas should be year round.
  • That is enough thoughts for the day.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? I’ll start us off.


5 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts

  1. I too have a toss up. A Christmas Story or Elf. Although doesn’t Die Hard II take place on christams? ’cause then thats in the running…

  2. Favorite Christmas movie would have to be Home Alone. It’s never really thought of as a traditional “Christmas movie,” but it’s pretty spectacular nonetheless. Ingenious comedy.

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