Seen Now Shared XVIII

Howdy y’all! What? As we have been on vacation at home over the past week I have not had a lot of time to see things to share, so here are a couple new goodies along with a best of SNS from 2011.

The Youth Pastor Diet (it is pretty dead on.)



And the best of 2011.

When Good Ideas go Bad. (maybe the best youth ministry stories I read all year.)

10 Questions Every Student needs to ask their Sunday School Teacher.

The Human Grenades you Encounter at the Grocery Store.

50 Funniest Tweets of 2011

Happy New Year! (Updates to come more regularly after this week of travel is over.)


Seen Now Shared XVII

Been a quiet week here on my online space as we prepare to head home for Christmas. SNS has a lot of videos this week, but all worth the watch. I don’t usually like to put long videos on as I know time is precious, but each of these are very worth the time as I debated sharing so many, but a lot of great stuff today. Check the links and the videos today.

23 and 1/2 hours

The Best Birthday Present

The 10 Least Fascinating People of 2011

Find someone who cannot sing and have them sing. Classic

Not sure how this happens.

For all my Words with Friends players out there.

If you watch any video, make it this one. Awesome idea, awesome execution.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Debating a Seen Now Shared of the year for next week, could depend on if YouTube is on as much fire again over the next week.