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Here is my list of current faves from my Spotify Playlist cleverly titled “Playlist”.  I like to add, add, and add to my playlist then I remove it if it isn’t my cup o’ tea. New and old stuff always welcome, along with most genres, but gotta be able to be played at work so people coming into my office aren’t weirded out.

Anyway here are some of those songs I am more glad to hear when they pop up.

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors- “Live Forever”

Matt Nathanson- “Kept”

David Crowder Band- “How He Loves” (Acoustic)

Mat Kearney- “Ships in the Night”

Augustana- “Borrowed Time”

NeedtoBreathe- “Slumber” (will be on the list for awhile. I really dig this song and band.)

Also, on a side note I added some of the new Newsboys (redundant?) stuff the other day just to hear what they are like now with Tait involved. They redid “Jesus Freak” along with KJ-52, not bad, but just awkward if you are like me who became a believer and listened to DC Talk all the time and now one member joined another mega band (Newsboys) and just thinks he can redo all his old songs with his new crew anytime he wants.

Ok, rant over. I made a Christmas music playlist recently too, but am not ready to make the switch to it just yet.

What else should be on my playlist? Give me some good tunes in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Now Playing

  1. Gungor, “Let it Be.” Chill-inducing.

    There’s this really solid compilation album that recently came out that hardly anyone’s heard of. It’s called “Music Inspired by the Story” and all the songs are sung by well-known Christian artists who sing in the 1st person of many biblical characters. A really cool concept and some phenomenal songs. My favorites are “Who But You” by Casting Crowns, “Your Heart” by Chris Tomlin, and “It Must Be You” by MercyMe.

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