Famous Friends

Kevin Keigley wrote this post about Famous Friends the other week. I thought it was great and wanted to share which famous people I think might be my friends in real life.

So here is my list of famous peeps in no real order that I think I could hang with.

Jimmy Fallon

I said no real order, but Jimmy Fallon is the tops. Everytime I watch Late Night I like Jimmy more. And the more I watch the more I think we could be great friends. His game shows he does within his show are right up my alley, especially “Name that Guy”. And the way he throws random chants, advertisements, etc… into those game shows are what I love to do myself.

Dave Barnes

Dave is so laid back and incredibly talented. His humor is a big part of the reason I think it would work out for us. We could hang out, he can be all musically talented and I will sit there with my no rhythm and chill.

Chris Pratt

I think this would work out as a good friendship is Chris Pratt is anything like his character Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation. If he has half that enthusiasm as Andy we would be good buds.

Andy Sandberg  & Tracy Morgan

These two are lumped together because I see we could be friends, but it would be tough as they would be way to crude most of the time. Andy’s SNL digital shorts are always hilarious up until the way inappropriate endings. If we could just get that 1st 2 minutes of the short and leave out the last 30 seconds of Andy, we would hit it off. Tracy I would like for his randomness.

Mike Hall

Mike is a sports broadcaster, he won an ESPN sportscaster challenge and now works for the Big Ten Network. We could get past that because we are both Mizzou grads and love Mizzou sports, along with sports in general.


What about you? Who are some famous folks who you think you would be friends with in real life?


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