Quick Thoughts

  • Time for some quick and random thoughts coming from my brain to yours.
  • I was late to work for the first time today. Either the alarm clock didn’t go off or I shut it off in my sleep. Weird…because I don’t do that.
  • Now I have a bit of a tired feel to me. I like to wake up and give myself time to get ready for the day.
  • Our car is down a brake light, headlight, and possible a turn signal. Should probably get those fixed.
  • Also, I cannot get our rear license plate off the car, so we have two different states plates right now.
  • Covering the front desk right now. It get’s awkward sometimes as you have to divvy up calls for this certain request between five people, and some people get ticked if they think they get too many calls…sorry peeps, just a lot of calls this morning.
  • College basketball season has officially begun. Yes!!! And go Mizzou!
  • Mizzou B-ball game tonight!!!
  • Miriam got me 6 new shirts on 50% day at one of the local thrift stores in our area. Looks like I will be wearing some new digs to work this week.
  • When you work in a meat department this time of the year is busy with Turkeys. Once they put them all on a truck it is therapeutic to sing and yell loudly when organizing deep in the truck. Try it sometime.
  • If you are an NFL player and on my fantasy football team, you are currently injured in some way. Sorry about that.
  • Seriously, I am about to put my whole team on injured reserve for the season.
  • Mizzou beat Texas on Saturday. That was very enjoyable as it is Texas’ greed that has been the main cause of all the Big 12 break up mess.
  • Drew Holcomb plays some good music. You should go listen to the song “Live Forever”. You know was just click here to get to give it a listen. Boom, now you don’t even have to search for it. No excuses now.
  • It’s Monday, time for another week in the world.
  • Guess what? Look below.
Used from http://pipwilsonbhp.blogspot.com/

Thanks for reading. For real. What do you have to look forward to this week?


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