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Mizzou basketball regular season games start tonight! I cannot tell you how much I love Mizzou basketball. Ever since I was little I have loved watching my Missouri Tigers play on the hardwood, and it is a love that has only seemed to grow over the years.

This is our first season with Frank Haith leading the program. He has done a great job recruiting for next season, but I am mostly excited for our seniors this season. They have been through a lot and I hope they have an incredibly successful year.

The huge bummer out of the gates is Laurence Bowers tearing his ACL and he is out for the season. He is red-shirting this season, but it has to be a terrible feeling to not get to  play your final season with all your teammates you came to school with your Freshman year. Losing Laurence is a huge blow to this team. He added a lot of sized and his explosiveness and ability to block shots made him our most versatile player on defense.

Here is a breakdown of our team by year.

Seniors: Ricardo Ratliffe, Marcus Denmon, Kim English, Steve Moore, and Matt Pressey

Juniors: Michael Dixon

Sophomores: Phil Pressey

Freshman: Kadeem Green (redshirt)

Walks on: Jarett Sutton, Andy Rosburg

We currently have three transfer players sitting out this season as well per NCAA rules, plus Laurence Bowers as mentioned before.

Anyway, I could go on for awhile about Mizzou basketball. I may be 500 miles away, but I will be watching every game in some way. work or no work. I find a way to see my Tigers play.

Are you a college basketball fan? If so, who is your favorite team?


One thought on “MIZ-ZOU

  1. Fun to see you’re enthusiasm for Tiger basketball Joe! You’ll be able (or will anyway) watch more games than me so I’m looking forward to staying current through you!

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