Seen Now Shared XI

Lot’s of goodies this week peoples. Get excited, but not too excited. Calm down a little. There ya go, and here we go.

I have heard people don’t like Nickelback, but didn’t realize it was this intense.

I officially became Tyler Tarver’s campaign manager yesterday, whether he wants to run or not.  Check it out here.

For my high volume of Etsy using readers. Compare and Save!

People Still use Dial up?

I am not a napper. But after seeing this maybe I should be: Napping Info-graphic.

A very good read for Mizzou fans to remember as we join the SEC next year: Missouri to the SEC.  (Comparing Big 12 & SEC.) (Distance Map.)

One more good thing about the SEC: NeedtoBreathe And The SEC.

Almost got it that time! Never give up.

I want to see how they got the car on, and how they get it down.
Sounds about right.

I would do dishes this way too if I had a dish washer.


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