Tyler Tarver for POTBE

Tarver for President.

It’s official. I became Tyler Tarver’s campaign manager for his run to be the President of the Blogging Empire as of this post yesterday.

Time to get this show on the road. Why vote for Tyler Tarver? Many reasons.

1st, he tackles the hard subjects like: Why is it so hard to be American?

2nd, he helps you with your dating life: Where to take a girl on a date.

3rd, He is afraid to write letters to the dark side: Open Letter to Darth Vader.

4th, He is a math teacher, so he is all smart and stuff.

5th, He wrote a book: Words & Sentences.

So after you have seen all this I ask why not vote for Tyler Tarver? Lots of reasons, but you don’t have a choice. He is the only person running so far. He may not even be fully aware of it yet either.

Glad to have your vote.

Do you want to be Tyler Tarver’s Vice President of the Blogging Empire? Let us know in the comments.

Also, what should his campaign slogan be?


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