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Welcome to Thursday. Let’s get rolling.

When Good Ideas Go Bad: Best Youth game disaster I have read about in a long time.

Cell Phones and College Students: I feel like their is a new graphic every week, but still good info.

Famous Friends: I hope Kevin Keigley will be fine with me stealing this idea. I want to make this list.

Less Exciting Band Names: Bryan Allain started this as a Hashtag last Friday.

An Open Letter to the NBA: JoeRob wrote what a lot of us are thinking.

Re-discovering Rock N’Jock: I would love for this to come back during the NBA Lockout.

Speaking of the Lockout. This is a big reason it needs to end. Great Halftime shows.
They really don't
Is it weird that all I think is how long those jumper cables are?
Separated at birth?
Might be how I would react as well.



"Worst Day Ever..." (Loved Seeing this after The Chiefs beat the Chargers on Monday.)


What would your worst day ever be like?


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