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Here is my list of current faves from my Spotify Playlist cleverly titled “Playlist”.  I like to add, add, and add to my playlist then I remove it if it isn’t my cup o’ tea. New and old stuff always welcome, along with most genres, but gotta be able to be played at work so people coming into my office aren’t weirded out.

Anyway here are some of those songs I am more glad to hear when they pop up.

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors- “Live Forever”

Matt Nathanson- “Kept”

David Crowder Band- “How He Loves” (Acoustic)

Mat Kearney- “Ships in the Night”

Augustana- “Borrowed Time”

NeedtoBreathe- “Slumber” (will be on the list for awhile. I really dig this song and band.)

Also, on a side note I added some of the new Newsboys (redundant?) stuff the other day just to hear what they are like now with Tait involved. They redid “Jesus Freak” along with KJ-52, not bad, but just awkward if you are like me who became a believer and listened to DC Talk all the time and now one member joined another mega band (Newsboys) and just thinks he can redo all his old songs with his new crew anytime he wants.

Ok, rant over. I made a Christmas music playlist recently too, but am not ready to make the switch to it just yet.

What else should be on my playlist? Give me some good tunes in the comments.


Quick Thoughts

Yellow. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Let’s have some quick thoughts to start out our week shall we.

  • Monday morning equals covering the front desk again. Have had numerous times with multiple calls coming in at the same time already, always an adventure to get someone to tell what they need before I lose a call.
  • MU/ku football may never play each other again. It would be sad for the rivalry if it happens that way, but I think kansas will wise up and quit being babies at some point right?
  • My brother told me on Thanksgiving he might get into repo. My immediate thought was the reality shows you see about repo men on TV. My new thought is can I turn it all into a reality show?
  • I need college basketball rankings to come out for this week. I want to see how high Mizzou jumped after whipping Notre Dame by 29 and then California by 39.
  • Helped in the infants room at church yesterday. My right arm is still tired from holding little ones the entire time. I was doubling up a few times.
  • It was fun though as one of my favorite babies in all the world was jealous of the other baby in my arms and was starting to push his arm off or my shoulder. Classically cute.
  • I went Black Friday shopping for the first time this year.
  • Free breakfast will get me to do anything….see previous thought.
  • Just realized most of these aren’t thoughts, they are statements of fact.
  • Maybe I should change the title.
  • Now they are becoming thoughts.
  • Statements again.
  • This is confusing me.
  • Chipotle after church yesterday. It is soooo good.
  • I only have to work one job this week. It is a good feeling to know I won’t be working all day and night on Wednesday and I will get to sleep in on Saturday.
  • The sun was at a perfect angle causing it to be right in my eyes for about the 1st hour of the day. I can finally see again, but now just started getting a glare off of a car window.
  • Apparently the NBA lock out is over. “NBA lovers get an early Christmas Present” was the 1st quote I heard when it was announced. Somebody doesn’t understand early Christmas presents as games start on Christmas day. So it should really just be “NBA lovers get a Christmas present, on Christmas day, that should have been given 2 months ago.”
  • I just created a PollDaddy account so I can put polls and such on my blog.
  • I am not quite ready to go all Christmas music in my Spotify rotation. I will do a little bit and work my way up to all Christmas tunes soon.
  • Alright, as always, thanks for reading and if you fill out the other in the poll please let us know in the comments what you like about this time of year.