Friday Free Write

Trying something new today where I just write, with no agenda, and without stopping. So whatever comes into my head will go into this post. So here we go.

Mizzou to the SEC is gonna happen, it was even on the SEC website yesterday for about 20 minutes before it got taken down. Turns out somebody is posting too soon.

I am at work right now. Covering the front desk on Friday morning. As I type I just got a phone call and was called “Ma’am”…..not the first time it has happened, and did that call get dropped? Maybe….ok, no it didn’t, but I was sure to lower my voice for the rest of the call so the caller could sit in their tension. My hope is they still thought I was a woman who’s voice gets deeper and deeper.

Speaking of deep voices the call I just got! Wow! Impressive voice, I think that guy might be about to go John Wayne on somebody.

I got new contacts recently. I am not a fan in the slightest. I have worn contacts for over half my life now and have had the same brand the entire time. They quit making my brand of contacts. I don’t know who “they” are, but I want to complain to them so much right now.

Got distracted by an email for a minute, then posted a comment on Bryan Allain’s post about his Twitter hashtag #lessexcitingbandnames. My favorite he came up with “Safe Cab for Average Looking Girl”

Phone call. And another email. I better wrap this up.

I was trying to find a picture to post at the top of this new Friday Free Write I got going on, but changed my mind when they all looked bush league.

Question: Which do you like more salamanders or scorpions? And Why?


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