Seen Now Shared VIII

Oops…had a busy week. Haven’t posted since last Seen Now Shared, but this week should be well worth the wait and there is plenty I am sharing with you. So get excited….but not too excited, that would be weird.

Here we go!

Go to this website. It is quite creative and fun, plus you get to fight a dragon (spoilers…oops.)

Dave Barnes tweeted about these pictures of people reacting at a Haunted House…quite funny.

Tyler Stanton wrote some good rules when it comes to weddings that we should all start to follow.

Vote for Clark! My friends put their baby in the running to be on the cover of Parents magazine. You should go vote for him.

 It was only a matter of time before someone did this…
Being home for the Mizzou homecoming parade caused this to be a topic of conversation this Saturday.
He got Goosed……..wordplay.
If Ron Swanson really was in Super Punch Out it would be impossible to win that game.
Fly away little guy. Fly away.

Time to get interactive. What do you like best about Seen Now Shared?


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