Seen Now Shared VII

Thursday is here. Time to share some things that I think you should check out from around the world wide web.

Gotta start you off with Tripp and Tyler’s first video release from this years Catalyst conference. Looks like they delivered once again, and they are getting us in shape while doing so!

I want to know how they stop. That will be impressive.

This has been out for awhile. I don’t watch too many Kanye West videos, but if you add Zach Galifianakis and farm equipment I will give it a go.

The Good Greatsby delivered some A+ reading material again this week when he let us know how he teaches his kids to smack talk. Not gonna lie, I learned a lot as well. (Also, while you are there, check this out. Paul gives me some great advise on my lack of smelling ability.)

He must not be a fan of awkward dancing.

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