An Interview with the Evil Eye Baby

If you have not seen the above video before you must not be from here. This video is one of the best in all the interwebs. I assume the video was filmed around the early 2000’s and it if were later, please don’t ruin it for me. Anyway, I was wondering this morning where the Evil Eye Baby is now, how old he is, and how he deals with all his fame and fortunes. I have come to the decision it was 2001, so that makes this kid 11 years old and in 6th grade now. The following is what I believe it might look like if I were to interview him.

Me: Hello Evil Eye Baby, let’s get this show on the road. How many autographs do you sign a day?
Evil Eye Baby: I don’t know like 7 to 10. It depends on how much homework Mr. Bojangles assigns in 3rd period English.

Me: Do you care if I call you Evil Eye Baby, I don’t know your real name.

EEB: I would care if you used questions marks, why are you too lazy to go back and change your last statement to a question?

Me: I will be asking the questions here?…dang it. Anyway, is it hard for you to walk down the street with all your fans you must have?

EEB: Yeah…it is really hard to do, but not because of the fans…..I lived on the fact I could give em the evil eye. People loved it so much I never had to learn to walk. I would just get requests to give the evil eye everywhere I went. People would carry me from one table to the next. I really bottomed out when I went to pre-school and other kids were able to make funny faces and walk. Obviously, their faces weren’t as great as mine.


EEB: But I was just so far behind all the others. I finally learned to walk in 2nd grade. I quit giving the evil eye once I could walk, and people were not as interested some random 2nd grade kid who could barely walk.



Me:Oh…yeah…rough stuff. I think I really only have one more question for you…could you…give em the evil eye???
Me: Fine….I will just go watch the video again…after posting this picture of you.

I see that this still image says March 31, 2007….but still…please don’t ruin it for me. It would be more fun to interview a 4 year old though….maybe some other time.

Question to my reader(s)? What is your favorite old school video or internet classic out there on the information super highway?

Side note: I think the evil eye baby would wear //” target=”_blank”>this if he could choose himself!



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