Quick Thoughts

  • Parks and Rec season 2 is ready for me at the library. Such a great show, each character is so unique and adds value to the show.
  • Why is there so much candy in this office I work at, I can only hold off the temptation so long?
  • Ben Rector’s new album came out today. I have yet to hear it, but I bet it will be a gift to my ears when I do.
  • Going back to thought 2. Snickers Peanut Butter is really good.
  • First week of Fantasy Football is over. I won in both my leagues…..but do no expect much out of either team this season.
  • I like to think like that about Fantasy Football. I have no real control over how my teams perform. I can just hope.
  • Just got free pizza for lunch. Out of the blue. That makes for a good day.
  • And for some reason I am having another Snickers Peanut Butter.
  • Google Reader is great. I don’t have to check multiple sites anymore, just go see who has updated with my Google Reader. (Thanks Mim…even though I kind of trash talked it at the beginning.)
  • Speaking of Google Reader, I will leave you with this gem from Awkward Family photos, which was a great subscription choice for myself.

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