The 3rd Best State Fair

May look like a lot of people, but still rather easy to get around

 We went to the Minnesota state fair yesterday. I was told it is the 3rd best state fair behind Texas and Iowa. How Iowa? Who knows…

It was an incredible day weather wise, with a high in the 70’s, and not a very crowded time, at least that is how it felt. It may have over a million people each day, but the fair has enough space to keep you from feeling like sardines.

I would have loved to have more time Minnesota’s great get together, but my few hours there were quite fun. They included deep fried snickers, cheese curds, a MN wild rice burger, free samples, lots of animals, and great people watching.

Deep Fried Snickers/Instant Cavity…worth it.

The MN State fair is all about the food…and mostly about that food being on a stick. Let’s discuss that food,. the Deep Fried snickers was quite delicious. I may have felt cavities occur as soon as I took my first bite, but the taste was well worth it.

Cheese Curds

We were also told that we had to try the cheese curds at the fair 1st. I am glad we did, they were good. No deep fried candy bar good, but quite tasty.

The MN wild rice infused burger was a diving moment as we saw both our pastors at the fair, and both suggested I give it a try. I am glad I did, it was very good. The rice cooked into the meat was a good flavor and their caramelized onions worked very well on it as well.

Butter sculpture…

Please click this link to read about the people who make butter sculptures. Not sure which is more weird, the butter sculptures or the pageant winners that have them make butter sculptures of themselves.

Sadly Minnesota’s largest pig had already gone home as it was the last day of the fair. And to me, that is not fair….get it?

Anyway, we will be going again next year. Next time I want more food on sticks. Maybe I will have some walleye, alligator, or lobster on a stick next year.


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