13 Thoughts

Here are some thoughts running through my head…

  1. NCAA conference realignment is so frustrating…it is all about money. NCAA athletics should be about rivalries, which we are gonna lose with all these new conferences.
  2. Why don’t college students understand reserved parking? Ticket after ticket doesn’t stop them either.
  3. Fantasy Football starts soon, I have grown tired of the coming up with hilarious team names. I am now sticking with the same team name…at least until I come up with something funny.
  4. The wife and I wore our “MIZ” & “ZOU” shirts yesterday. We may be 500 miles away, but I will still be rocking black and gold on gamedays.
  5. These quick thoughts seems to have a football theme.
  6. Football season did just begin.
  7. This week was really long with too many 8:00 a.m to 9:30 p.m. work days.
  8. I have been trying to decide lately if I want to start blogging more regularly. It mostly comes down to if I believe I have anything to say that people will want to read.
  9. Tyler Tarver‘s blog is a main reason I want to blog. If I can be 1/8th as funny as him maybe I could keep it up.
  10. Tyler Tarver did write a book…I want to read it.
  11. Went to a splash park this week. Not a big theme park. A park with fountains and buckets and such. Was a pretty sweet park. 
  12. Is how many are in a dozen.
  13. It is cold here today….which means snow soon. I expect snow within a week, just so I am not upset when it happens sooner than I want.

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