Seen Now Shared V

It’s Thursday, so that means it is time to share some things I’ve seen with you! Yes you, and that guy awkwardly looking your way to those who might be in a coffee shop right now. Go ahead, invite him over, I’ll wait……….good, let’s get on with it.

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Bun in the oven?
Probably what led to the bun in the oven in the 1st place.
Jerk Penguin
Episode 2 right here. Episode 3 cannot come soon enough.

Thanks for stopping by, have you seen anything that should be shared? Please let me know in the comments or via e-mail.


Quick Thoughts

  1. I like to hoard the colorful paperclips and use the regular silver ones on things that I give to others….is that normal?
  2. Miriam started classes once again yesterday, after thinking about her telling me about them and how excited she is. All I can think now is how her dad once told me that the longer you go to school the more you get to take classes you actually care about.
  3. Of course, once we buy cantaloupe this happens.
  4. Apparently I have a real life arch nemesis at my work, sorry Ashton, you might take a back seat for awhile.
  5. My new arch nemesis doesn’t know I know she sees me as an arch nemesis, still trying to figure out how I will play it with that info. (If you follow me on Twitter, don’t worry. It is not Bev.)
  6. Said it before and will say it again. “The Reckoning” by Needtobreathe is soooo good. They continue to impress.
  7. If you have not seen it yet you need to see Guy on a Buffalo. (Make sure you see episode 2 as well.)
  8. See you at the pole was this morning I believe. Saw a great post about it that will make it into Seen Now Shared tomorrow.
  9. Should have said this eight thoughts ago but, who ever decided that 1 is the loneliest number? Maybe he is just a loner…or he is probably a real jerk being the 1st prime number and all, so he is lonely. Shouldn’t have been a jerk #1.
  10. The Oregon Trail app is free right now. If you know anyone with an iAnything you need to make them aware. What a great game from elementary school. I am just waiting for one of my family members to die of dysentery!!!
  11. Time for lunch.
  12. If you are too lazy to click on the link for Guy on a Buffalo here it is. Just watch it and laugh, but then watch episode 2 and wait with me for episode 3.

Your Creativity

Good Morning, just wondering about creativity today. If you have the time please text in answering the question: How do you work on your creativity? Just text to the number 87884 and add @wif77513 to the beginning of the message. If you text it should give you a random anonymous name…which makes it all worth it. (If you are reading on a feed reader please click over so you can see the screen).