Currently Playing

These are the songs I most look forward to hearing on my Spotify playlists….in no particular order.

“Lifeline”  by Andrew Ripp. Andrew Ripp can be heard coming from my office a lot the past few days.

Comeback Kid (That’s my Dog)“,  by Brett Dennen. This song just makes me happy.

Slumber“, by NeedtoBreathe. While Andrew Ripp might be popular in my office this week. NeedtoBreathe can be heard every week, and everyday of the week.

Faster“, by Matt Nathanson. Glad I added some Matt Nathanson to my playlist. Though never a favorite, I do like some of his jams.

Keep Your Head Up“, by Andy Grammer. Andy Grammer’s ad on spotify worked on me. I am now giving him a listen and liking what I hear.

Beautiful Things“, by Gungor.Gungor is on fire right now. Love this song, and really coming to like this band.

What are you listening to currently?


Bet you cannot name them all

This is messing with my brain.
Found this little nugget today on the information super highway, and now I cannot stop watching it.
 I can’t look away. When it speeds up I get dizzy.
Who all do you see there? I bet you cannot name them all!

Life without a Sense fo Smell…updated 8/4/11

When you have no sense of smell people ask you a lot of questions and make a lot of comments.
Starting now those questions/comments will be documented. (Wish I had started this years ago.)

  1. You can’t smell popcorn?
  2. Can you taste?
  3. Walk out here, you will be able to smell this. (Nope…still can’t.)
  4. You can’t smell flowers?
  5. Smell this…..oh yeah….sorry. (It’s ok, sometimes I just pretend to smell it to avoid this.)
  6. You’re an %*^#*^$^$ liar. (one of my favorite reactions)
  7. What does this smell like? (umm…just told you, I don’t have that ability….but…roses, right?)

More to come…