Ordinary Everyday Activities

Time to tell how I do ordinary everyday activities.

Today’s Topic

The Dishes
We live in Seminary housing so we do not have a dishwasher……well, I do not, Miriam does. I go old school on dishes and wash by hand. It is pretty simple, just use the brush and dish soap and wash that nasty off there. Ok…fun post right…you can pretty much be done reading now….or continue on if you want more pointless rambling on uninteresting activities.
I am not a fan of doing the dishes, but I will say this humbly….I am a machine at them after a little over 2 years. Each day while Miriam and I are preparing dinner I am in there washing dishes as we cook. The more I can do before we eat the less I have to do later. I wash with speed and precision, and if you dare be a dish that touched raw meat or chicken you better look out. You are about to get rinsed on by others, washed, rewashed, rewashed, and dominated by me, because I am not getting no salmonella.
But what happens every time we do the dishes…..I finish up feel good about what I just accomplished, but when I turn around….there are always more on the stove, ALWAYS! It is the most frustrating feeling in the world. 
Being in Seminary housing we have limited (bolded for emphasis! said for extra emphasis) counter space. I don’t know if you read that last sentence….our counter space is very limited. I say this because if you set a dish on the small counter by the sink…it will be washed by me. It is a solid source of frustration as I often wash something still in use because it got set on my pre-wash counter. Don’t you dare set something there….it will be washed.
Welp….there you have it…that is how dishes are done. Wasn’t that fun (unintentional rhyme)? Don’t shoot me with a gun (intentional). I hope my team won (unnecessary).

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