>The Not So Weekly Five

Weekly upkeep is obviously
too much stress for me. From now on, it is the “not so weekly five”, or the “whenever I feel like it five”. Sometimes I might be to lazy and make it the “who cares two or three.”

Anyway, here are the five for this time….

1. Road/Street signs that could be great Band/Song Names.
Dead End Alley, Slow Road Ahead, Left Lane Ends, and of course the classic “Share the Road”. (editor note…found out Dead End Alley is a band….not sure if they are any good.)

2. http://unevengoogle.com/

3. http://www.charliestcloud.com/ (Must see if Zac Efron is starring!!!)

4. “The Decision” spoof

5. Old Spice is dominating advertisement right now.


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