>Weekly Five: 7/9/10


The Weekly Five

Favorite Invention/Money Saver : Homemade Air Conditioner

Look up how to make your own here.

Favorite Snack : Peanut Butter Balls
They are by far my favorite snack that we make in our house. I have to discipline myself not to eat them all as soon as they are made.

Favorite New Snack: York Pieces!
Tried them out for the first time this week, they are quite delish. Gotta try Almond Joy pieces next!

Favorite Video: Pictures of Accidents
Some impressive moves/mistakes can been seen here.

Favorite Legality: Lebron James
By legal standards I have to mention Lebron James in this week’s weekly five, as all forms of media, internet, blog, text, call, conversation, and so on must mention Lebron. Time for news story after news story of Lebron becoming D Wade’s “Scottie Pippen”. The Miami Heat are a team I have always really had no feelings for…..bummer.


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