>The Not So Weekly Five

Weekly upkeep is obviously
too much stress for me. From now on, it is the “not so weekly five”, or the “whenever I feel like it five”. Sometimes I might be to lazy and make it the “who cares two or three.”

Anyway, here are the five for this time….

1. Road/Street signs that could be great Band/Song Names.
Dead End Alley, Slow Road Ahead, Left Lane Ends, and of course the classic “Share the Road”. (editor note…found out Dead End Alley is a band….not sure if they are any good.)

2. http://unevengoogle.com/

3. http://www.charliestcloud.com/ (Must see if Zac Efron is starring!!!)

4. “The Decision” spoof

5. Old Spice is dominating advertisement right now.


>Weekly Five: 7/9/10


The Weekly Five

Favorite Invention/Money Saver : Homemade Air Conditioner

Look up how to make your own here.

Favorite Snack : Peanut Butter Balls
They are by far my favorite snack that we make in our house. I have to discipline myself not to eat them all as soon as they are made.

Favorite New Snack: York Pieces!
Tried them out for the first time this week, they are quite delish. Gotta try Almond Joy pieces next!

Favorite Video: Pictures of Accidents
Some impressive moves/mistakes can been seen here.

Favorite Legality: Lebron James
By legal standards I have to mention Lebron James in this week’s weekly five, as all forms of media, internet, blog, text, call, conversation, and so on must mention Lebron. Time for news story after news story of Lebron becoming D Wade’s “Scottie Pippen”. The Miami Heat are a team I have always really had no feelings for…..bummer.

>Monday Musings-Back In My Day

>Time for a new section of the blog, remember this blog is mainly just to keep myself entertained, but here we go, the first edition of “Monday Musings”.

I recently decided I dislike the phrase “back in my day”. If you say “back in my day”, you are saying your best days are behind you. How can you be so sure? Maybe your best days are yet to come. If you are alive and breathing, today is your day. Saying “back in my day” is telling people you are starting to give up. Embrace your today.

Also…here is a pic of the real Andy! What???