>Random day at Ball State

>Last Saturday Miriam and I had planned a little double date with Adam and Stacy but before that began we needed to head into Muncie a little early so Miriam could stop by Wal-Mart to get her contacts. Miriam and I planned to head in early enough so that we could spend some time together at our memorable picnic area from last semester. Regrettably I forgot my camera as we were headed to this amazing castle playground which is ideal for groundies. (I seriously think we should do a fall retreat up to Ball State for groundies and nuke ’em because of this place). As you can see in this picture it is a little like the one we went to, but still does not do justice to the actual castle itself.

But anyway, back to our day, we ended up not even playing at the playground as we felt weird just going to play and being so old, last time we had it to ourselves and had a picnic, so that wasn’t as weird. If we
just came up and started playing it could have been weird. Luckily the playground is right near Ball State University, which I have now declared the most beautiful campus I have been to. (It is now my goal to find another one more beautiful). We strolled around Ball State for awhile. It was pretty dead as they had just finished classes for the semester the day before, yeah, they finished in mid-April, that is weird. We tried to hit up their bookstore but it had closed 20 minutes before we got there, we were a little disappointed by that, but not as much as another girl who shared her disappointment with some expletives, she was pretty serious about not getting in.

From there is where the time at Ball State really picked up. We noticed a little concert going on and had to investigate as to what was going on. What we came upon was ideal for our situation of just roaming around. It was the Boyer Bash 08!!!! Yes, the Boyer Bash! In case you are wondering, I am not real sure what that means either, but it did mean fun for Miriam and I. We got to enjoy multiple different inflatable games, including, a velcro wall, obstacle course, jousting, bungee run, and the ever amazing mechanical bull.

We took advantage of the free games for a little while and a free concert. Also if you are keeping score at home on who won at the games, I will not really tell the outcomes, but you can just guess who won both times we ran the obstacle course (which was a pretty sweet inflatable one), both times we jousted, and who lasted longer on the bull. Miriam did hang in there well on the bull and actually didn’t even fall when she fell off the bull, she gracefully slid off and stood there looking dominant.

So, after we scored some free water from the Boyer Bash, which we decided was some sort of end of the school celebration, we headed to Panera so Mim could get some homework done, until Adam and Stacy met us at Qdoba, which is basically Chipotle just more options and food that doesn’t taste as good. (Also, Chipotle next Sunday evening? I will be going….probably.)

After some Qdoba we headed to play some mini golf at what I am right now deeming our hidden secret of Royerton, IN. It is officially the best mini golf that side of Hartford City and this side of Muncie.

Oh! Also another key to mini golf that evening was that there was a pretty sweet little car show going on, which included a mean looking 1968 Camaro. The owner of the car sadly still drives the car and did not want to just give it to me, so that was a bit of a bummer, but I did get to see it which was good.

After some mini golf we enjoyed some ice cream at the little shop right next to mini golf. Sadly none of us tried the trash can sundae, but we enjoyed our snacks and then headed on our seperate ways as we all had homework….wait we all did except me. I forget what homework is at this point, it is a foreign subject to me.

Anyway, that was our random day in Muncie which included some great fun at Ball State and mini golfing with friends. Stay tuned as I will hopefully blog again before I leave for home.

Welp, See ya!