>Lebron and Chipotle

Today I have decided to let you all know about a trip Miriam and I took to see a Pacers/Cavs game and have some Chipotle. The trip to Indianapolis was worth it just to get Chipotle for me.

We took a week night trip to Indy and had some amazing Chipotle before heading to Conseco Fieldhouse to see the Pacers host Lebron and the Cavs. Sadly the Celtics had already come to town as seeing Kevin Garnett in person would have been pretty sweet. Lebron James was an easy substitute though as he is a manchild. Even though I could never get Miriam to call Lebron a manchild, she just would not use the word. 🙂 Seeing Lebron play in person wasn’t all I thought it would be as he is so good, it looked as if he was not trying all night and he still ended up with a triple double.

An added bonus of the night was getting to see Kareem Rush play for the Pacers. Even though he has bounced around a lot in his NBA career he has done quite well. For some reason he gets limited minutes with the Pacers when he should be getting a lot of PT. He was in double figures for the night in only about 12 minutes of play.

All-in-all it was a good time in Indy and at Conseco as the Lebron pulled the Cavs away in the 4th for the victory over the Pacers. NBA fans in Indy has no real heart for their team, but who would after the Artest Brawl from a few years back anyway. That franchise is still getting over that. I had a great time though as Mim and I traveled the building and saw some of the Pacers history. I also walked in on some dinner banquet that was ending on accident. I pretended like I knew what I was doing though and scored some free water from their table filled with food and drink. The trick is to just look like you belong.

So that was Miriam and I’s trip to Indy for some Chipotle and an NBA game. I am excited for the NBA playoffs to start this weekend as I have had time to keep up with the NBA this 2nd half of the season. I am bummed the Nuggets are in the playoffs and not the Warriors, but it should still be good. Hopefully we get a Suns/Celtics NBA Finals, but anything but the Spurs/Pistons.

But anyway, for those of you who are not here to listen to me talk about sports. My time in Indiana is going well. Miriam is over right now, she is playing Peggle while she should be doing homework. Peggle is a great game too, I found it when I was getting Trinity United Methodist a new computer, it is very addictive. Ok, Peggle is also addicting to watch. I just caught myself watching Mim play for a few minutes and was forgetting about my blog.

Alright, that was our trip to Indy. The best part was being on the trip with Miriam, but Chipotle is a close 2nd in case you are wondering.

Time for me to get Miriam to do homework so I can play Peggle! 🙂
Welp, See ya!


2 thoughts on “>Lebron and Chipotle

  1. >Bro You went to an NBA game and it wasn’t ranked above Chipotle. That’s when you know the NBA is boring. Say, you wouldn’t happen to have craving for chipotle now would you? I had some yesterday, it was delish!! ;)Top of the morning to ya!!

  2. >Peggle…never heard of it.Better check it out, cause you know I need ANOTHER distraction in my life. Webkinz is just not doing it for me anymore:(

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