>Why I am Here.

Well, the main reason I am here in Indiana is pretty obvious. It is Miriam Casey. She is incredible if you don’t know her. She makes me smile. I am kind of bummed right now though because it is a Sunday night. Miriam has small group on Sunday nights so we don’t get to hang out all night on these nights. It is our only night of the week we don’t hang until late.

In case you are wondering our weeks are spent about the same each week. Miriam is obviously busy with school and I keep busy with a couple jobs, tv, books, and video games. I am working at the D.C., it is the campus dining hall at Taylor. I stock the dishes as they get cleaned, it is a pretty easy job and I don’t have to buy groceries either as I usually bring home some food from there, so that is a good set up for me.

My other job is working with a small United Methodist church in Hartford City where I am living. It is a block from my house so it will be a great little walk when it finally warms up. The church is gonna be going through a pastoral change in the next couple months, so that will be making my job there a little more awkward and difficult I think. As of right now it is already kind of awkward as Miriam and I are two of the very few young people there. This morning was spent with the Pastor talking about his requesting to leave the church. The UM churches are ran by a conference and the conference helps to elect and guide pastors to churches they feel are the best fits for both sides.

Other than these things each week, Mim and I usually try to have a little date of some sort each Friday. Hartford City is right in between two bigger towns, so we go to one of those for stuff to do. These two months have gone by pretty quick even though it was difficult first getting here as it was hard to find a job.

I spent my first few weeks getting into the show lost.

I fully caught up very quickly and the show is now in its 4th season. (Yeah, I had nothing to do)

Also, my roomate just came in and that reminds me that I am also very into the game Settlers of Catan now as well. I am going to get it when I get back to Missouri and if you live in Missouri you will be playing it with me and you will fall in love with it. Trust me.

Ok well, I have rambled for a bit. I am probably a bad blogger, am I supposed to keep it short? Hey, wait, my blog, my rules. As long as I want.

Look forward to future updates of Pick-A-Dates and going to Notre Dame to see the campus and go to Granger Community Church. Those have already happened, but also look forward to the Ball State campus afternoon of fun that will happen in the future. This place is ideal for groundies.

Welp. See ya.


4 thoughts on “>Why I am Here.

  1. >Joe, what is this Settlers of Catan? You keep talking about it!! You need to produce facts of it’s existence! Or I’m going to think you’re making things up…j/k!! I can’t wait to play it.

  2. >Joe – We love Settlers! We should definitely play when you’re back in MO! Also, we caught up on Lost midway through its 3rd season. Fairly easy to do if you get the DVDs since there are such large breaks between episodes.If you want, you can check out my blog at aliciacasady.blogspot.com

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