>Rainy Day at Notre Dame

A couple Saturdays ago Miriam and I ventured to South Bend, IN with Pastor Phil (Trinity UMC Pastor) and Andrew (Trinity UMC’s youth). The purpose of the trip was originally the idea to go see Granger Community Church, which is a very successful United Methodist church in Northern Indiana. Miriam and I had planned on going up to see it before the semester was over and when I proposed the idea to Pastor Phil he was excited about it and wanted to take Andrew along as well. Once I knew the plan was a go I had to see Notre Dame’s campus and all the history, as it is very near Granger.

We began our journey around 10:00 in the morning. It took a little while to get out of Hartford City because of some errands that had to be run. But after a few stops we were on our way to our first destination which was the campus of Notre Dame. On our way we got a little hungry so we stopped in Columbia City, yes that name is correct, at a Hardee’s. Our stopped turned into quite an adventure as a couple minutes after we got our food the electricity all along the street went out and we had to eat our food with no lighting. I offered multiple times to eat the ice cream and shakes just to help, but the Hardee’s crew declined to accept the offer on each occasion.

We finished up our lunch and headed on to Notre Dame. I was hopeful that Rudy would be there as it was my understanding the real Rudy just hangs out on campus constantly. Apparently I had heard incorrectly from my sources as we never did see him, but we did get to give ourselves a nice little tour. The bummer was that it was pretty rainy all day, not too hard of a rain but every now and then it was coming down.

Pastor Phil gave us a pretty good tour of the campus for it being so rainy. Has was familiar with the area so he showed us around and made sure we saw all of the important areas. He was very adamant about showing us “Touchdown Jesus” as he called it. I also got a sweet shot of a low flying airplane right near the “Golden Dome”. It was a good tour of the campus even though the rain brought our moods down a little.Miriam was not feeling very photogenic as you can see.

Along with those shots I got a picture of probably the fattest squirrel I have ever seen. Andrew and I were very excited about that.

We finished up our campus tour and then had a to stop somewhere else I had to go while in South Bend. Of course if you know me you know that we grabbed some dinner at Chipotle before heading to the GCC.

So from there we journeyed on to Granger Community Church where we toured the building and then attended their 5:30 Saturday night service. GCC actually does four services; two on Saturday night and two on Sunday morning. It was a good experience, the only real problem was that it probably made Miriam and I a little homesick as it had some characteristics we are familiar with.

After GCC we headed back to Hartford City to part ways and call it a night.

(Authors note: the ride back from Hartford City is when I finally thought of the blog about our time in Indiana. Too bad that idea came so late….but I have been able to catch you up on the big stuff at least.)

Welp. See ya!


>Dressed up for some Bowling

>Time to tell of a night of fun on a Pick-A-Date in Ft. Wayne. We started the night off with some dinner atFlat Top restaurant, it is pretty much an exact replica of HuHot, or HuHot is an exact replica of Flat Top I am not really sure. I will leave that up to you the reader to decide, but I believe they may both go back to ancient times and their origins are untraceable today.

We enjoyed our meals with our group of 30+ and went on our way to where the real action was for the night, Crazy Pinz!It was the sweetest bowling alley out there.Rated the top new bowling alley of 2007 in Bowling Magazine. (67% of statistics in this blog are made up and reflect the thoughts solely of the author, but for real though, this statistic is actually true. Not sure the actual magazine though.) Miriam and I enjoyed a lane with her roommate Katie and her “friend” John. We were lane neighbors with Holly, Stacy, Corey, and Adam.

We started our bowling night off with a little couples challenge. The couple with the highest total score would be declared the winner. Things did not start off to hot for Miriam and I, or maybe just Miriam. Through 4 frames Miriam had a total of one pin. Our team was not out of the running yet though. I coached Miriam’s game a little and she ended her game up in the high 80’s. Adding that to my score we did pull off the upset victory. Only an upset really as we did fall a little behind coming out of the gate so slowly in the opening.

We were declared victorious and then continued on with our bowling from there, being a little less serious from then on. Miriam and I did battle each other in a later game that evening with your winner being…..MIRIAM! Yes, I will admit that she defeated me. I can easily admit when I have been defeated. Oh and also there was one rule. She was bowling normal and she told me how to bowl each time. These types of bowling included through the legs, doing a 360 then bowling, left handed, throwing the ball overhand, and I even had to kick the ball once. The kick did seriously hurt my foot, but I kept my head up and finished strong, only losing by about 20 pins. I had a shot on the final frame, but could not pick up a strike with a through the legs bowl.

That was our night of competitiveness. We pretty much just had a blast otherwise. Corey and I had some fun simalbowling (bowling at the same time) through the legs, and as you can see we did a great job of encouraging each other. It was a fun night of bowling. To top if off Crazy Pinz had a big screen showing the Final Four. I did miss UCLA/Memphis, but got to see Kansas destroy UNC, so I am actually not to sure how glad I really am about seeing that (authors note, there will be no blog reference of how Kansas ended their season, I will admit they did a great job this year, had a great team and I will not become a Mizzou fan who cheers more for a KU loss than for an MU win). UNC did make a comeback and made it interesting as Miriam, Katie, John, and I watched from McDonald’s after bowling.

Also, here is a picture of Miriam and I at Crazy Pinz!

Well, that is it for our time on a great pick-a-date to Ft. Wayne. We all enjoyed ourselves as we had a great time. Look forward to future updates of our trip to Notre Dame and other things.

Oh, if you wonder what we are doing at present time. Miriam is working on homework. She is studying as she has a test and a quiz tomorrow. I am watching the NBA playoffs. The Magic just beat the Raptors and now the Lakers and Nuggets are battling. Mizzou players in each of the last two games. (Dooling and Kleiza)

Welp, See ya!

Check out Miriam’s wicked cut she got while shaving that morning!
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>Lebron and Chipotle

Today I have decided to let you all know about a trip Miriam and I took to see a Pacers/Cavs game and have some Chipotle. The trip to Indianapolis was worth it just to get Chipotle for me.

We took a week night trip to Indy and had some amazing Chipotle before heading to Conseco Fieldhouse to see the Pacers host Lebron and the Cavs. Sadly the Celtics had already come to town as seeing Kevin Garnett in person would have been pretty sweet. Lebron James was an easy substitute though as he is a manchild. Even though I could never get Miriam to call Lebron a manchild, she just would not use the word. 🙂 Seeing Lebron play in person wasn’t all I thought it would be as he is so good, it looked as if he was not trying all night and he still ended up with a triple double.

An added bonus of the night was getting to see Kareem Rush play for the Pacers. Even though he has bounced around a lot in his NBA career he has done quite well. For some reason he gets limited minutes with the Pacers when he should be getting a lot of PT. He was in double figures for the night in only about 12 minutes of play.

All-in-all it was a good time in Indy and at Conseco as the Lebron pulled the Cavs away in the 4th for the victory over the Pacers. NBA fans in Indy has no real heart for their team, but who would after the Artest Brawl from a few years back anyway. That franchise is still getting over that. I had a great time though as Mim and I traveled the building and saw some of the Pacers history. I also walked in on some dinner banquet that was ending on accident. I pretended like I knew what I was doing though and scored some free water from their table filled with food and drink. The trick is to just look like you belong.

So that was Miriam and I’s trip to Indy for some Chipotle and an NBA game. I am excited for the NBA playoffs to start this weekend as I have had time to keep up with the NBA this 2nd half of the season. I am bummed the Nuggets are in the playoffs and not the Warriors, but it should still be good. Hopefully we get a Suns/Celtics NBA Finals, but anything but the Spurs/Pistons.

But anyway, for those of you who are not here to listen to me talk about sports. My time in Indiana is going well. Miriam is over right now, she is playing Peggle while she should be doing homework. Peggle is a great game too, I found it when I was getting Trinity United Methodist a new computer, it is very addictive. Ok, Peggle is also addicting to watch. I just caught myself watching Mim play for a few minutes and was forgetting about my blog.

Alright, that was our trip to Indy. The best part was being on the trip with Miriam, but Chipotle is a close 2nd in case you are wondering.

Time for me to get Miriam to do homework so I can play Peggle! 🙂
Welp, See ya!